Introducing BladeEdge℠

Industry Leading Efficiency
Degraded wind turbine blades are inefficient, leading to substantial revenue loss. Maintenance is critical, but inspections can be costly and time-consuming. Inspections by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or drones) are streamlining the industry by gathering data ten times faster than manual inspections by human teams.

Driving Wind Turbine Blade Maintenance with Big Data
BladeEdge℠ is the industry’s first software portal that transforms raw data from aerial inspections into actionable intelligence, helping wind farm operators and managers improve wind farm safety and efficiency, ultimately extending infrastructure lifespan and reducing cost.

BladeEdge℠ features include:

  • Highly accurate automated blade condition assessments
  • Maintenance issues flagged for your attention – catch damage in early stages
  • Easy full-blade viewing – thousands of inspection photographs stitched together to create a single, high-resolution mosaic of each blade
  • Smart database that tracks turbine condition over time and automates maintenance cycle planning
  • Make informed decisions about maintenance and repair

Transform Big Data into Actionable Intelligence
One of the biggest challenges drone service providers face is the sheer amount of data collected in aerial infrastructure inspections. The BladeEdge℠ Capture Assurance Tool (BECAT℠) is a streamlined software tool for UAV service providers performing aerial inspections.

BECAT℠ ensures that data is always captured correctly in the field, decreasing the possibility of human error and ensuring UAV inspectors collect data on every square inch of the infrastructure.

With a complete set of data conveniently packaged for processing by BladeEdge℠, you’ll be more valuable to clients than ever before.

BECAT℠ features:

  • In-field laptop verification ensures every flight captures total coverage
  • Automatically bundled images and files save time and decrease human error
  • Overlap and pixel spacing capture capabilities increase accuracy
  • Creation of a single mosaic provides end-users with an accurate, high resolution view of an entire wind turbine blade
  • Color coordination of notable damage aligns with EPRI standards
  • Intuitive, easy to access reporting makes sense of big data, providing clients with actionable intelligence to plan maintenance and repair

Our Global Partners
BladeEdge℠ was developed by EdgeData℠, LLC, in partnership with LM Wind Power, the global leader in blade manufacturing and services, with facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

EdgeData℠ is based in the University of North Dakota Tech Accelerator and was funded in part with a $450,000 research grant from the North Dakota Centers of Excellence Commission.

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