Maximize Your Infrastructure | Big Data Analytics, Simplified

Wind farm operators and managers know degraded blades are inefficient. In fact, blade damage leads to 10-25% efficiency loss. This results in substantial revenue loss. Inspections can be costly and time consuming, but the big data analytics from inspections is critical to maintenance decisions and action plans.

Inspections by UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly called drones) are the future of the wind industry. UAV inspectors gather data ten times faster than manual inspections by human teams, and are much less risky.

The top UAV inspection teams leverage the big data technologies of BladeEdge℠ , the industry’s first software portal that transforms big data from aerial inspections into actionable intelligence that you can use to make decisions about your infrastructure. Our software was designed to help improve wind farm safety and efficiency, extend the lifespan of your infrastructure and dramatically reduce costs.

Instead of a set of overwhelming data, BladeEdge℠ offers a single, high resolution image for each wind turbine blade. Deep learning algorithms built into the software pinpoint the exact location of damage and wear, and keep track over time with subsequent inspections. You’ll know exactly where your blades need attention, making maintenance planning simple, direct and effective.

BladeEdge℠ features:

  • Blade condition assessments
  • Flagged maintenance issues
  • Full-blade inspection and results
  • Tracked conditions over time
  • Data-informed decision making

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