Introducing ComplianceEdge

For IT departments and organizations that have to demonstrate compliance to information security standards, guidelines or requirements, ComplianceEdge provides workflows to match your business needs, including tracking and reporting on activities such as hardening servers, having only necessary ports and services open, periodic checking of active directory management and trends, as well as automated notifications and escalations. Include your vulnerability assessment and penetration results within a structured, templated tool. Compliance tasks and plans can be pre-established to ensure consistent performance.

Currently, industry compliance and security expectations are becoming more important in maintaining information integrity, confidentiality, availability and privacy. Many industries face penalties and fines for improper handling of information. And the amounts are exacerbated when action hasn’t been taken to implement controls.

Why ComplianceEdge?

ComplianceEdge methodology is to model workflows based on events and record outcomes. Harden a server; modify a firewall ruleset; enable a new port/service; notify oversight personnel; include special terms and conditions; ALL of these are examples of things that have to be done correctly and consistently to demonstrate compliance. And the bar to demonstrate keeps rising, so clear the bar with ComplianceEdge within your IT environment.

  • NIST 800-53
  • FedRAMP
  • HIPAA/Hitech/Omnibus
  • CIP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ComplianceEdge?

ComplianceEdge is an automated workflow tool that includes secure access, role-based authorization, high availability infrastructure and built in tools for automated integration with Active Directory, e-mail, a wide range of database connectors and reporting, notification and escalation capabilities.

Does ComplianceEdge rely on untested, unproven technology?

No. The ComplianceEdge methodology has been developed and refined by EdgeData with the cooperation and expertise of industry leaders and government agencies.

Are ComplianceEdge reports as thorough as reports generated by human actions?

ComplianceEdge compliance reporting is available on-demand and includes the degree of thoroughness desired by the end user. The reports can be customized to include pre-planned tasks, assignments or communication.

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