Introducing HarvestEdge

The US farmer has to increase yields by 20% in the next decade to continue to feed the world. Advances in machinery, seeds, input practices and many other areas have yielded great results, but what will replace that experienced eye or knowing hand as the US farmer average age indicates that it is time to consider retirement?

HarvestEdge can’t replace the wizened visage under a seed corn cap, or throttle the triangle that calls the hands in for dinner, but HarvestEdge can manage the data associated with many different inputs, including Aerial Surveying, Parasite Monitoring, Yield Estimation, Moisture Monitoring, Disease Monitoring, Weed Monitoring, Fertilizer Management and Soil Sampling. HarvestEdge can also provide a business model, or workflow, for the farm, including UAS Operations, Field Equipment links, Agriculture Map links, Weather links, Commodity links, USDA Reference links (FSA office, libraries), Crop links (based on list of Risk Management Agency crops – RMA), Soil links (temperature, type, moisture), Labor Tracker links (hours and activity), Input Cost links (Seed, fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide, water, energy), Experience Sharing links (disaggregated data searches), Yield links (tracking, predicting, comparing yields), Insurance links (transfer of information, application, payment), Environmental links and Inventory links.

Why HarvestEdge?

HarvestEdge methodology is to model farming workflows based on experience, technology, rules of nature and rules of mankind. The challenge is to put the right information into the right hands and the right time, or timely, actionable intelligence to achieve value in the following areas:

  • Yield Performance
  • Fertilizer Optimization
  • Herbicide Application
  • Pesticide Targeting
  • Fungicide Trending
  • Seed Selection
  • Insurance Integration
  • Time/Labor Tracking

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