Introducing UtilityEdge

Compliance, reliability and customer expectations. A powerful brew of commitments that utilities must strive to meet or exceed. UtilityEdge provides workflows to match utility needs, including tracking and reporting on activities such as vegetation management, periodic line and equipment inspection, having only necessary ports and services open, as well as automated notifications and escalations. Use UtilityEdge for autonomous operations and reporting from UAS or other data sources. UtilityEdge can launch tasks and plans that are pre-established to ensure consistent performance.

Currently, industry compliance and security expectations are becoming more important in maintaining information integrity, confidentiality, availability and privacy, as well as Critical Infrastructure Protection. Utilities face penalties and fines for improper handling of information. And the amounts are exacerbated when action hasn’t been taken to implement controls.

Why UtilityEdge?

UtilityEdge methodology is to model workflows based on autonomous inspections and record outcomes. As the inspection requirements continue to mount UtilityEdge allows for workflow development to meet additional use cases, including:

  • Automated integration with FAA for flight tracking, deconflicting airspace and pre-flight checklists
  • Sensor-based data capture
  • In context data computing
  • Browser based, role-based secure access for consumption and use of data
  • Secure storage of data in a concurrently maintainable facility

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