The Process

“Data is neither created or destroyed, it is only transformed.”
“Electronic data is created, needs to be stored, can be destroyed and needs to be transformed within a business process to be most useful.”



DATA: Data starts out DUMB! Intelligence can be added during the capture portion of the process. De-identify the data? Yes, that helps maintain security and privacy throughout the life of the data. Dis-aggregate the data? Yes, the data needs to be sliced up and then reaggregated with purpose, context and mission. EdgeData’s intelligent capture anticipates that data has to meet or exceed strict security and privacy standards or expectations.

INFORMATION: Having dumbed down the data, EdgeData starts to reassemble it to give it meaning. Business A may care about maintenance condition. Business B might care about inventory. Business C might be using the data to deliver a service. Same data, different slices.


KNOWLEDGE: Now the information, no longer just data, needs to align with your organization. The right information in the right hands at the right time. EdgeData works with your knowledgeable staff, or their customers, to build a workflow that incorporate knowledge into the flow of data. Who, what, when, how and why start to take shape in the automated use of information to build knowledge-based relationships.

WISDOM: The wisdom of this individual or that individual cannot be easily captured. Perhaps 35 years of performing a task creates a patina of wisdom so richly worn as to be a thing of beauty. EdgeData can’t paint a masterpiece, but EdgeData can examine hundreds, thousands or millions of images and identify the attributes of each and how they compare to that masterpiece. The “crunch” is done with an infrastructure platform that includes an agile application, performance oriented technical platforms and resilient, cost effective storage in state-of-the-art datacenters.


DECISIONS: Are decisions aligned with values and principles? Do decisions set directions that are profitable and sustainable? Can course corrections be made? EdgeData allows for role-based, secure access reporting on discreet fields, sub-processes or entire organizational units. If notifications or escalations are necessary, they are built into the flow of work. The data/information/knowledge/wisdom is available at any time in the right format. Define, measure, monitor and profit with EdgeData!